Welcome to my Diploma In Applied Permaculture Design website. This is a holding space for the work I am doing towards my diploma, and it being accredited by the Permaculture Association UK.

This is an active process, so you will find some projects are either completed or partially written up. I’m using this platform to write up my work as I do it, making it easier for my diploma tutor and you to view my progress.

I am more of a non-linear thinker, so occasionally you may find the text does not flow. I may write in a ‘dot to dot’ fashion, connecting paragraphs up later to make sense. This is my method for capturing my thoughts before I lose them. This is how I learn and write. Unfortunately this method did not work so well at school, but that’s for another day….another project.

I started learning about permaculture in 2009 and started my diploma in 2013. In this time I have developed both my knowledge of the theory of permaculture, and through actively applying it to my life, work and everyday practice.

I have applied it to what I buy as a consumer, how I think in situations of adversity and how I perceive the world. For me permaculture is a way of life and something I use in what I do. It has helped me to fight the challenges of poor mental health and value the importance of the connection in everything.

For me permaculture brings the indigenous back to the Western world, helping to find sense of place and recognising that the best lessons we can learn are from the earth, through gardening and compassionate communication.

Wenderlynn Bagnall –

Permaculture Practioner, Educator & Designer